Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Behind the shield

A surprise salute

Skype and Marvel marked the world premiere with a salute to some young heroes. Students of George Street Middle School, in New Brunswick, have been working with Skype in the Classroom's partner charity, CHAT to the Future. Together they're making life a little brighter for their Ugandan friend Ben and his schoolmates. To applaud their efforts, we treated them to a special preview of the new movie, and then a surprise - a live Skype call with the stars from the red carpet in LA. Plus Skype In The Classroom has chipped in a full university scholarship for Ben! See the highlights:

Our mission report on Captain America

What a mission it's been... we've just seen the stars at the premiere of Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we helped everyday heroes earn salutes and goodies from the movie's stars (see the video) and we've served up exclusive behind the scenes footage. We've had a great time - and you can relive the highlights below.

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For mightier chats: just add heroes

We're celebrating the world premiere of Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier with our first-ever Marvel emoticons! To add some action to your chats, try typing in (captain) (bucky) (nickfury) or (blackwidow) to reveal these limited edition characters. You'll need the very latest version of Skype, where they should be ready to deploy from 13 March*. But make the most of them - they won't be on duty for long.

Plus we're laying down the gauntlet for true Cap fans: take on our challenge to unlock one final, hidden emoticon...

* Make a note: the emoticons will deploy to different platforms at different times - if you can't use them right away, don't despair! They're on their way...

* Make a note: the emoticons will deploy to different platforms at different times - if you can't use them right away, don't despair! They're on their way...

Have you got the right stuff?

To unlock the secret emoticon, you'll need to answer these questions on characters from the movie. Can you get all three, and prove you should be allowed to wield the Captain's own shield?

What's at 34.394569,-90.253563 in Bing Maps?

Watch this link: who drops in at 2:08?

A "tiny cut" results in "anger" for one of the movie's characters. Name him!

Unlock me!

Go ahead, we dare you! Your mission is to search for the answers to these questions and unlock Cap's shield.

Exclusive downloads

We've got exclusive artwork from Marvel's Captain America: the Winter Soldier for you to download, including wallpapers and movie characters to use as your profile picture on Skype or your favorite social site.

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